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Improve your video display in the Zoom meeting

You can improve the quality of your video - how participants see you - by changing the camera settings within the Zoom session.

How can the video quality be improved in a Zoom meeting?

1. Enter the Zoom meeting

2. Click on the arrow button next to Start Video in the toolbar

שורת פקדים.PNG

3. Select the option "Video Settings..."


4. Marking V in the "Touch up my appearance" field opens a scale that simulates a cosmetic filter of the participant's face.


5. Dragging the button to the right will allow softening of face features and dragging the button to the left will allow highlighting details on the face


6. Marking V in the "Adjust for low light" field will open a "brightness scale" with which you can control the brightness of the screen manually


7. After the update, the changes are automatically saved and displayed immediately in the Zoom session

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