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Change language settings

The default language of Moodle is Hebrew. However, you can customize the website to your preference:

What's in this tutorial:

display language

Change the language on your interface

1. To change the display language to English, click the "He" at the top menu and select "English (en)"

preferred language

Set your preferred language

1. Click on your initials, at the top corner of the website.

2. Click on “Preferences


3. On “User account”, click on “Preferred language”.


4. Choose “English (en)” and save changes.


Now the default language of your Moodle is English. You can still change it manually to Hebrew in the top menu if you prefer.

set course language

Set a Course language

It is possible to change the language of a course for students, which might be useful for courses taught in languages other than Hebrew.

1. At your course homepage, click on “Settings”.


2. In the “Appearance” section, on "Force language" choose English (en)


3. At the bottom of the page, click on "Save and display".

set an activity language

Set an activity language

Some activities and resources have the option of forcing the language to English. This means that regardless of the participant's display language, this item will appear in the chosen language.

1. In the activity page, click on "Settings" at the tab menu.


2. In the “Common module settings” section, on "Force language" choose English (en)


3. At the bottom of the page, click on "Save and display".

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