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Managing the meeting on Zoom

As a default, all meetings scheduled through your University Zoom account are automatically recorded. 

Only meetings scheduled and recorded through the Zoom activity on the course website in Moodle will go directly to the video server on the course website. 

Meetings recorded via Zoom outside the course site will not be transferred to the video server and will be stored in the Zoom cloud for up to 14 days.

How do you start a class on Zoom?

1. Enter the Zoom activity on the relevant course site in Moodle

2. Click on Start next to the relevant meeting

manage a class on zoom

How to manage a class on Zoom?

At the beginning of the meeting, it is recommended to check the following actions:

  • The meeting is recorded in the cloud (for instructions on recording a meeting, click here)

  • The camera is on (pressing the Start Video button)

  • The Chat window and the Participants window appear on the screen

  • Going over the security options according to the needs of the lesson

  • Decide whether the recording will include a video of the speaker only, and if so set

 Spotlight for everyone . For instructions on how to set up the meeting like this, click here.

zoom menu.jpg



Lock Meeting - locks the Zoom meeting so that additional participants cannot enter the class

Enable Waiting Room - Creates a waiting room

Hide Profile Pictures - hides the profile pictures of the users 

​Share Screen - allows participants to share a screen

Chat - allows participants to correspond in chat

Rename Themselves - allows participants to change the username in the meeting

Unmute Themselves - allows participants to turn on microphones

Start Video - allows participants to activate cameras 

Suspend Participant Activities - suspends all participant activities (participants will not be able to: turn on cameras and microphones, write in the chat, share the screen and draw on the screen) 




Clicking on the "Participants" button allows you to see the number of participants in the meeting.

The number that appears in brackets represents the number of participants (including the host)

  • You can control the permissions granted to each participant individually

  • General permissions can be controlled  




Clicking on the "Chat" button allows you to correspond with all participants in the meeting and also with individual participants individually. In the chat you can send free text, icons (Emoji) and files.

*It is possible to block the sending of messages or limit the sending of messages for the host and co-host only 


Share Screen

Clicking "Share Screen" allows you to share your computer screen (or certain windows).

You can share a single window or the entire screen.

After selecting the desired option, click on the Share button .

  • To share the sound played on the computer, check the Share computer sound field.

  • To share a video from the computer, check the Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clip field.



Clicking the Record button will start the recording of the session. To make sure the meeting is being recorded, you can see that the Record button has changed to Pause/Stop Recording. Also, a recording icon appears in the upper left corner of the session.


All recordings are automatically saved in the Zoom cloud of the user account (unless otherwise defined) and go to the video server automatically.

How to set the recordings to be saved on the computer?
1. Go to

2. Sign in to your Zoom account

3. Click on My Account

4. Click on Settings

5. Go to the Recording tab in the top menu

6. Click on the "Local Recording" field

7. After doing this, open the session again and click on Record on this Computer 

turn off doorbell zoom

How to turn off sound when someone joins or leaves?

1. Enter the Zoom meeting

2. Click on "Participants" in the toolbar

סרגל כלים חלקי.PNG

3. Press the three dots button


4. Remove the check sign next to the "Play sound when someone joins or leaves" option by clicking on it.

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