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Assignment - File submission

The "Assignment" activity allows students to submit files on the course website. The lecturer and the teaching staff can grade and add feedback on the submission. Each student sees only his submission and feedback.

How to create an assignment activity?

1. Enable "Edit mode" on the upper right corner of the page.


2. Click on "Add an activity or resource" at the bottom of the section you would like to add your item to.

add things.png

3. On the activity chooser, choose “Assignment”.


4. In the "Assignment name" field, write the name of the assignment.

5. In the “Description” and "Activity instructions" fields, it is possible to type in relevant remarks or instructions for the activity.


6. In the "Additional files" field, you can attach files related to the assignment activity (for example: questions page, submission template, etc.)


7. There are two ways to attach a file to an assignment:

Option A - Dragging from a folder in your computer:


Option BClicking on the arrow in the middle of the "Additional files" field.


In the window that opens, click on "Choose File", then select the desired file. To finish, click on "Upload this file".


Assignment settings options


1. "Allow submissions from" - from what date a student can upload a file for submission

It is necessary to mark V next to "Enable" and set the desired time.







2. "Due date" – the deadline for submission (students see this date in the assignment instructions).

6due date.png

3. "Cut-off date" – from what date it will no longer be possible to submit (students do not see

the date).

7cutoff date.png

If the "Cut-off date" is not set, students will be able to submit late. Both you and they will receive an indication of the actual date of submission and how many days late it was submitted.

4. "Always show description" – When checked, the "Description" and files added will be available to students as long as the assignment is available.


Submission types

1. You can define what students will submit in the "Submission types" section:

File submissions – An external file that is uploaded to Moodle.

Online text – Students can write a text submission in Moodle.


2. In order to limit how many files the students will be able to submit, select the number in the "Maximum number of uploaded files" box.


3. If you want to determine the type of files to be submitted (e.g. only Word or PDF files) you can set in the section "Accepted file types" by writing the file type in the text box or clicking "Choose".


4. After clicking "Choose", you can choose from the different types supported by Moodle in the window that opens, then click "Save changes".



1. You can set the assignment to "None", "Scale" (Pass/Fail, Submitted/Not Submitted) or "Point" (default option). By choosing this option you can set a "maximum grade" for the assignment (the default is 100).


2. To set up anonymous submissions, in the "Anonymous submissions" field, check "Yes" so that graders cannot know the identity of the students.


In Anonymous submissions, after grading students' identities must be disclosed so that they can see their grade and feedback.

Access restriction

You can hide the assignment until a certain date in the "Restrict access" section.

1. Click on "Add Restriction".

2. In the window that opens, choose "Date".

3. Set the date when the assignment becomes available.

Open eye: Students see that there is an activity but you can't open it.

Closed eye: Students will not see the activity.


4. To finish, click on the "Save and return to course" button at the bottom of the page.

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