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High quality video sharing from the computer in a Zoom meeting

With this option, video files can be opened from Zoom's built-in video player and shared, without other participants seeing the playback controls.

Sharing the video in this way will improve the quality of the viewing experience of the participants.

​*This button is available for use starting from version 5.4.3

How to share video files in a Zoom meeting?

1. Make sure that the university Zoom account is connected in the Zoom application on the computer - click here for a reminder on how to connect to the application.

2. Update the Zoom software to a version that is at least above 5.4.3 - click here for a reminder on how to update a version.

3. Enter the Zoom meeting

4. Click on the "Share Screen" button on the toolbar

סרגל כלים חלקי.PNG

5. Click on "Advanced


6. Click on "Video


7. Uncheck the option "Optimize for video clip"


8. Click on "Share


9. You may be asked to install a plugin for sharing video files. Confirm the Zoom request and it will be done automatically. If prompted to install, you may need to click "Share Screen" again after the plugin is installed.


10. Choose the video you want to share in your computer and to finish, press the "Open" button

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