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Group submission - Assignment

The "assignment in groups" activity allows students to submit files on the course website in predefined groups.

  • The lecturer can give a grade and feedback to the entire group.

  • Each student sees the submission and feedback of his group only.

Before starting, the submission settings must be defined in groups, before the assignment submission date. Once students have started submitting (even if in "Draft" mode), it will not be possible to set it.

create groups

Step 1 - Divide the students into groups

The students in the course can be divided into groups in several ways.

Click on the link to read the instructions:

1. Group choice activity: The students choose which group/s to join through the activity.

2. Groups created by the lecturer: The lecturer can divide the students into groups on the course website.

3. Random division into groups : The lecturer can create groups with random participants and set the number of groups or number of students in each group.

4. Upload groups from Excel to course website: The lecturer can upload a list of groups and the students in each group from an Excel file.

Create assignment

Step 2 - Create the assignment

group submission settings

Step 3 - Adjust the settings for group submission

1. In the "Assignment" settings, go to the "Group submission settings" section

If you already created the assignment, click on it and then on "Settings" in the management menu on the right


2. Set the "Yes" option in the "Students submit in groups" section


3. Leave the option "No" in the "Require all group members to submit" section so that not all group members are required to submit their assignment files separately


The file will automatically appear with all group members and each of them will receive the grade and feedback, even though they will be given separately.

4. In "Grouping for student groups", select the grouping that will be used in the assignment.

Click here for instructions on creating a "Grouping"


5. Click on "Save and display" to finish and view the content


6. After the students' submissions,  click on "View all submission"

7. In the next page, it shows the list of students, to which group they belong and assignment file that belongs to all members of the group




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